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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lynn's Chatter - RETHINKING MY CLOTHING Volume 2

On October 22nd, I blogged about how dull my standard "uniform" of black and white is and how I'm determined to colorize my life a little.  With the hectic holiday season, I haven't made too many inroads, but I still have it on my mind.  Last week we were in NYC for the weekend to visit Margo Petitti's booth at Grand Central and to have dinner with her, her parents and our son Bill.  We went in early on Saturday and I decided to splurge and have my hair cut at Vidal Sassoon on West 56th Street.  (Victoria gave me the cut and it turned out great!) 

While I was sitting in the chair waiting for the stylist, this absolute VISION walked by.  At first I only noticed the blue in her hair in the front which looked wonderful with her hair cut in a bob.  As my eyes scanned down I saw her FABULOUS clothing......just what I was talking about; a stunning array of colors that just made me smile and made the gray day brighter!  Oh sure, she had on some's New York after all.  But the black was only an accent for the rest of her ensemble.  Yuka was kind enough to let me take her photo so I could share it with you.  You may not like everything she's wearing but such a wonderfully lighthearted approach to clothing is definitely something I'm going to experiment with in 2011!

Thank you, Yuka!  You look gorgeous!