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Sunday, April 17, 2011


Along with not accepting advertisements, I don't do product endorsements in my blog.  But sometimes a company can give you such good service that you just have to rave about them and this was my recent experience with PANDIGITAL.

Most of the time when you deal with large companies, the customer service can only be described as less than adequate.  All you have to do is call your phone or cable company with a question about your bill and you know what I'm talking about. 

I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised when I called PANDIGITAL this week.  Between my travels to Pennsylvania and Connecticut during the last month I lost or misplaced the charger for my eReader, the PANDIGITAL NOVEL. 

Like any electronic device, it's totally useless if you can't recharge it.  In our new electronic age, most of us have a new junk drawer somewhere in our homes, one that's filled with miscellaneous chargers that don't fit anything we own, outdated cell phones and MP3 players that don't have their chargers and computer and printer cables that don't work with anything.  After my search online to find a new charger for sale came up empty, I decided to do what I should have done in the first place.  I called Pandigital customer service.

Many of you are familiar with Pandigital because of the electronic picture frames they've been producing for years.  Not as familiar is their Pandigital Novel.  Jokingly known to some as the "poor man's iPad", their full color eReader is a terrific bargain and has every feature imaginable.  I've been more than happy with the one my husband bought me for Christmas.

Even more spectacular than their products is their customer support.  My first experience with Pandigital's customer service was back in January when I had a problem with my Novel.  Since my sons are grown and not living at home, I can't turn to one of them as easily to untangle my electronic problems and we don't have any neighbors with teenagers.  After calling Pandigital customer service and reaching a live person located in California rather than some remote region of the world, the rep was able to quickly walk me through the problem and my Novel has been working perfectly ever since.  AND there was no charge for their assistance (are you listening DELL?).

Back to the many times have you had to call a company for a new part or lost accessory and the charge with shipping costs almost rivals the original purchase?  WHEN I finally called PANDIGITAL customer service directly this week, not only are they sending me a new charger, they aren't charging me for it (no pun intended) and didn't even want payment for the shipping costs.  What an uncommonly nice surprise!

Thank you and kudos to PANDIGITAL for providing old-fashioned customer support and service that doesn't require you to have your credit card in your hand before placing a call to them!


  1. Just a quick addition to your comments on the Pandigital Novel. I called the same line you did when I had some problems uploading the recent upgrade to Android-type capability. I only had to wait online for about 5 minutes to get a very helpful lady, who knew what my problem was almost before I could finish telling her about it.

    She detailed the step by step fix for me right away. As usual, I didn't fix the problem until I had done it wrong twice. But then everything went through as it was supposed to.

    By the way, the upgrade to Android capability really helped the functionality of my lower level 7 inch model. Page turning is much better and much faster, as well as quicker loading and quicker everything else.


  2. CK, I agree, the upgrade Pandigital provided made everything run more quickly and smoothly on my white Novel. Thanks for visiting my blog and happy reading, Lynn

  3. Good customer service or not, that thing is a pain in the rear!