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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Well, it's been some day, but we have a winner in the "win a Margo Petitti Scarf Contest"! 

My husband and I drove into the City today to run an errand and planned on having Margo pull the winning entry at 3:00 pm, but unfortunately things didn't go as planned.  I had cut brown shopping bags into squares and written the name of each person who entered the contest,  folded them all and put them into a large envelope to bring to Grand Central Station. 

While my husband parked in a tow away zone, I made a quick stop on Broadway near Houston Street.  All went well and I was waiting forever on the third floor for the elevator to go back to the ground floor.  After a fairly long wait, I followed the mailman into the exit stairwell.  He was much quicker than I was and was long gone by the time I reached the lobby level.  There I encountered a door with a sign that read "PUSH".  I pushed a little and the door was really heavy so I pushed a lot and took a step forward not knowing that there were three marble steps on the other side of the door.  With the momentum I used to push the door open, I missed all of the steps and tumbled into the lobby onto the feet of three nicely dressed men, slamming my left calf into the floor.  No sense being graceful if you can't show it off!

The three gentlemen immediately came to my aid and helped me up, found my handbag, book and gloves and I proceeded to limp outside to the car.  That was pretty much the end of our trip.  Instead of going on to Grand Central and then taking Margo to dinner later tonight, we drove back to NJ and called my doctor.  He advised me to elevate my leg and use ice packs since it doesn't sound like anything was broken.  I've been following his advice since we arrived home about 4:30 pm and just a few minutes ago remembered that we hadn't done the drawing yet. 

I limped into the kitchen and convinced my husband that I absolutely had to draw the winner today.  After much discussion, he pulled out a large mixing bowl and I placed all of the entries into the bowl, mixed them up and pulled a winner.

MICHAEL TONELLO, CONGRATULATIONS!  You are the winner of the wonderful, custom Margo Petitti scarf and I'll be emailing you tomorrow.

Right now I'm heading back to the sofa with my icebag, but I want to thank everyone who entered the contest.  I hope to have some more exciting events in the near future, so please be sure to visit Monarch Book Reviews again and hope you're snuggled up with a good book right now!


  1. So sorry to hear about your mishap. Hope you are on the mend! I can only picture you sprawled on the floor handing out bookmarks to the nice gentlemen!

  2. Thank you but mostly I was handing out expletives lol.

  3. Indirectly it's my fault you fell.

    I'm wildly excited about winning this scarf. I never win ANYTHING. What a great Holiday surprise!

  4. Michael, definitely not your fault! If I wasn't always rushing from one thing to the next, I could actually take a minute to see my surroundings :-)

    I'm so happy you're excited and I can't wait to hear from your after the scarf arrives.

    Have a wonderful holiday! Lynn

  5. Oh Lynn, I am so sorry to hear about your fall. Do take care of yourself, and I hope your leg gets better soon.

    Sorry that I haven't been around lately... life is nuts right now.


  6. Saloma, aren't you sweet. I'm doing much better, thank you. Life is always nuts during the holidays lol. Hope you have a wonderful wonderful Christmas. Your fan, Lynn