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Thursday, November 17, 2011


by John Grisham

One morning David Zinc, a young, highly paid and overworked attorney, realizes he's tired; tired of the rat race of his high powered job and envisioning the bleak future in front of him.  He just can't face another day.  Despite imminent deadlines and to the astonishment of some of his co-workers, he literally dives into the elevator at his office building and leaves, heading for the nearest bar.  David isn't even a drinker but he spends the day getting plastered and finds himself at the offices of Oscar Finley and Wally Figg, a pair of ambulance chasers in a seedy section of Chicago.

Finley and Figg are barely eking out a living and what little they bring in, Wally manages to spend chasing rainbows and searching for that big lawsuit in the sky.  Putting David to work as his assistant, Wally thinks he's really found it this time.  It appears that people are dying of heart attacks after taking a drug to reduce their cholesterol.  Pounding the streets to find new victims of the drug, Wally ties the firm's wagon to a class action lawsuit that's bigger than anything the firm has ever dealt with before.

Happier than he's been in years, David, meanwhile, is trying to bring in work of his own before his dwindling savings disappear.  He's also come across a case that could have larger implications, but Finley and Figg won't even consider it, hoping that any settlement from the cholesterol drug case will make them financially vibrant.

This is the old John Grisham who kept us riveted to our books and it's a pleasure that he's back.  He's injected tension, mystery, great characters and courtroom drama into THE LITIGATORS, along with a heavy and healthy dose of humor, which makes his newest book a fun and delightful read.

Don't miss this one, it's definitely worth the money!

ISBN 978-0-385-53513-7
Pub. Date:  October 2011
400 pages
Hardcover and eBook

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