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Thursday, July 1, 2010

SIZZLING SIXTEEN - Stephanie Plum Series No. 16

by Janet Evanovich - available in hardcover

What can I say? The Stephanie Plum series are not intellectual mysteries but I like them. Quick and easy to read, it's like settling down with a favorite candy bar. The comical dialogue, cheap shots at my home state of New Jersey and silly characters add to the fun.

Stephanie, Lula, her plus-sized sidekick who was previously employed as a 'ho, and Connie are trying to rescue Stephanie's cousin Vinnie from mobsters who are holding him until someone pays off his $750,000+ gambling debt. The three ladies are also trying to keep the bail bonds office running until they can figure out how to free Vinnie.

The only problem I have with this Evanovich series is that no one seems to age. Stephanie is still flirting with Ranger while being slightly involved with Morelli. After so many years and 16 books, one would hope that she had made a choice. Otherwise, as usual these are fun, silly mysteries.

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