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Saturday, November 13, 2010


by Todd Ritter - available in hardcover

Kat Campbell is Chief of Police in a sleepy small town in Pennsylvania.  Life is good with a very low crime rate until a local farmer turns up dead, amateurishly embalmed and encased in a handmade coffin.  Henry Goll, the local obit writer for the Perry Hollow Gazette, received a faxed death notice time-stamped before the farmer died.  Kat is joined in her investigation by Nick Donnelly, head of the State Police Task Force.

Despite the similarities between the farmer's murder and those committed by the Betsy Ross serial killer Donnelly has been chasing for the past year, the team is forced to look closer to home when another embalmed body is found.  Campbell and Donnelly are joined by Henry Goll in trying to find the killer before he or she kills again.

Ritter's characters are nicely enhanced by their own backstories which add to the complexity of DEATH NOTICE.  Smooth writing, clever phrasing and an interesting plot make this a great first novel!  I hope to see more from this author.

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