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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

GIDEON'S SWORD - Gideon Crew Series No. 1

by Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child - to be released February 2011

Who is Gideon Crew?  Preston and Child, co-authors of the Agent Pendergast series, have introduced a new character, Gideon Crew.  Twelve year old Gideon witnessed the violent death of his father, framed for a crime he didn't commit.  Years later, he makes a deathbed promise to his mother to track down General Tucker, the government official responsible, and avenge his father's death.

Crew's background as a professional thief, together with his handling of Tucker, bring him to the attention of a covert government agency.  They want to hire him to intercept Mark Wu, a Chinese scientist en route to the U.S., and steal his plans for a new weapon that will supposedly change the world.  But Crew is not the only one chasing Wu and at every turn Crew is battling with people trying to not only stop him from obtaining the plans but also to kill him.

Crew's series might be rather short lived if the prognosis presented in GIDEON'S SWORD is correct, which would be a shame.  Preston and Child have created a very likable character and it would be nice to have him around for a while.  He was already embarking on a new caper as the book ended and I'm looking forward to the next Gideon Crew novel!

Note:  The photo shown is of the Advance Reading Copy but I believe the book cover will show the title GIDEON'S SWORD when the hardcover is released in February 2011.

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