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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I apologize to my faithful followers for not creating more reviews and posts this month.

When I'm at our summer home, time just seems to get away from me.  I have visits with friends and family who come to stay with me and long lunches with local friends, and before I realize it, I haven't blogged in two weeks.

With sunsets like these as seen through the door of my small office, it's hard not to just enjoy the surroundings and spend more time outdoors.

I have been reading a lot and I'm finally back to my computer, so hopefully you'll enjoy some good reviews in the coming days.  Don't be surprised to see more than one review on the same day until I plow through the backlog of books that I've read; I'm really not reading at the speed of light like Harriet Klausner.

I hope your summer is going well and that you, too, are enjoying time with family and friends, good books and lazy afternoons.


  1. Thanks for that "long lunch" yesterday;;;
    and also for sharing your dessert!!!

  2. I'll always share with you! :-) XXXOOO