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Friday, July 1, 2011


by Val McDermid - to be released September 2011

Psychiatrist and psychological profiler Charlie Flint's pivotal testimony at Bill Hopton's murder trial allowed him to go free.  Charlie's professional life is now in limbo because Hopton murdered four people after his acquittal, and she has been suspended from practicing while an investigation into the circumstances is ongoing.

With time on her hands, Charlie is contacted by Corinna Newsam, one of her old professors at Oxford, and agrees to look into the murder of her daughter's husband.  Philip Carling was bludgeoned to death at his wedding reception and his business partners have been charged with the crime.

Charlie is married to her life partner, but after seven years she's not sure she's still committed to Maria.  She's very attracted to Lisa Kent, a self-help guru. While trying to decipher her own emotions, Charlie learns that Carling's young widow Magdelena is involved in a lesbian relationship with Jay Stewart, an author who also attended Oxford.  The more Charlie learns about Carling's death, the more convinced she is that his partners are innocent.  As she delves into the past, she begins to unravel the deadly trail left by the murderer; a twisted trail that leads all the way back to Oxford.

TRICK OF THE DARK is an intricate and explosive tale of deadly secrets and murder.

To be released September 2011
ISBN 978-1-932859-95-9
400 pages
Hardcover and eBook

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