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Sunday, March 21, 2010


by David Baldacci - to be released April 20, 2010

Two different groups are chasing Evan Waller; one to kill him for the horrors he committed in the Ukraine as a high ranking KGB officer and the other to bring him to justice because of atrocities he intends to commit. Both groups are planning to take him down in Provence, France and neither group knows about the other. Regina Campion is part of the European group chasing the former KGB officer and Shaw is the operative for the other mysterious group that seems to be based in America. When they discover each other and their plans fail, they combine forces to pursue Waller together.

I've always liked and purchased Baldacci's novels. DELIVER US FROM EVIL is very engaging and reads like a cold war era novel. However, as the story progresses, it reaches an unbelievable deadly game of cat and mouse. It just seems like Baldacci couldn't figure out how to end this book and the ending he gives us is disappointing and over the top.

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