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Thursday, March 4, 2010


by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

Special Agent Pendergast Series #10 - to be released May 2010

I haven't read the previous nine books in this series, but based on FEVER DREAM, I won't be buying the others. I actually put this book down twice and started reading other books because it was so disjointed.

Pendergast is an FBI Special Agent who never seems to have to report to anyone. He has an oddly stiff and proper bearing that reminded me of Inspectors in British mysteries set in 19th century England, even though this is a present day novel set mainly in Louisiana.

Early on in the novel, Pendergast's wife, Helen, dies when she is mauled by a lion in Africa. Twelve years later he stumbles upon a clue that sends him reeling into the past, convinced that she was actually murdered. He sets out to prove it and to avenge her death with the help of his friend, Lt. Vincent D'Agosta. Their quest takes us on a very long and winding road to an unexciting conclusion.

Having just read and enjoyed IMPACT by Douglas Preston (see below), I was especially disappointed in FEVER DREAM.

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