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Monday, April 12, 2010

61 HOURS - Jack Reacher Series No. 14

by Lee Child - to be released in hardcover in May 2010

I've read every one of the novels in the Jack Reacher series and have never been disappointed. Surprising because Reacher's character is a total anomaly. He travels with no baggage, has no home or family, no friends and winds up wherever he winds up. He doesn't talk much and doesn't try to have relationships, but women always seem to fall right into his lap. He has his own code of honor and decency which makes him so likable.

In this latest Lee Child novel, Reacher is on a tour bus full of senior citizens in South Dakota in the middle of a raging winter snowstorm. The bus crashes and he finds himself totally immersed in trying to protect a local woman, Jane Salter, so that she can testify against the town's biker gang. The bikers are living just outside of town in a forgotten military installation and have ties to a Mexican drug cartel which ramps up the action. As the title states, the storyline takes 61 hours to reach its explosive conclusion. Don't want to give anything away, but the ending is a real cliffhanger!

I recently read that all of the Reacher novels have been optioned for movies. I can't read a Lincoln Ryhme novel (Jeffery Deaver) without hearing Denzel Washington's voice in my head so I hope they never bring these books to the big screen. It's wonderful to read them without having to put a face to the name.

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