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Thursday, April 8, 2010


by Scott Turow - to be released in hardcover in May 2010

INNOCENT is the sequel to Scott Turow’s 1989 blockbuster, PRESUMED INNOCENT. In INNOCENT, we revisit the two protagonists who have remained cordial enemies and moved on with their lives since we met them twenty years ago. Rusty Sabich is now the Chief Judge of the Appellate Court, unhappily married with one son, Nat, who is also a lawyer but is still trying to find himself.

Tommy Molto is now the Acting Deputy Prosecutor and has changed dramatically since we met him twenty years ago. He has long tried to live down the specter of wrongdoing from his prosecution of Rusty for murder even though he has never quite believed in Rusty’s innocence. He is newly married to a much younger woman, is a first time father and thrilled to find himself in such wonderful circumstances as he nears 60 years of age.

Once again Rusty is accused of murder but this time it’s for the murder of Barbara, his very troubled wife of many years. Similar to PRESUMED INNOCENT, Rusty’s extramarital affair seems to be tied to this newest accusation.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel; however Turow’s heavy emphasis on a long, drawn out courtroom drama had me wanting to skip over pages. Still, a great read!

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