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Saturday, April 3, 2010

CUT, PASTE, KILL - A Lomax and Biggs Mystery

by Marshall Karp - to be released in June 2010

Having read one of Marshall Karp's previous books, THE RABBIT FACTORY, I was quite excited to get this new Lomax and Biggs mystery. In Karp's latest, homicide detectives Mike Lomax and Terry Biggs are back again solving murders in Hollywood; this time with the help of FBI Agent Simone Trotter.

CUT, PASTE, KILL has the team searching for a scrapbooking serial killer who closely resembles actress Betty White from The Golden Girls.

As the story unfolds, Mike's home life is expanding with the addition of a very smart and sassy seven year old.

I'm not a fan of scrapbooking and I'm definitely not a fan of craft-themed murder books so I almost gave this book a pass thinking it would be a little too hokey. I'm glad I didn't since it turned out to be so much fun! Mr. Karp once again delivers a solid mystery story along with sharp and hilarious dialog that will have you laughing out loud.

A rare find.....a good mystery that doesn't take itself too seriously.


  1. A "fun" murder mystery. Once again your recommendation showed me a winner. Can't wait to read Marshal Karp's other books. Thanks Lynn

  2. Hi Lynn,
    It was wonderful to meet you today at Glassworks. I just wanted you to know I have signed into your blog (obviously) and i enjoy your writing as much as I enjoyed our conversation.
    Stacey from Glassworks