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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

THE NINTH STEP - A Jack Leightner Crime Novel

by Gabriel Cohen - to be released in June 2010

There are two concurrent stories in THE NINTH STEP. Det. Jack Leightner opens his front door to find himself facing the man who killed his 13 year old brother in 1965. Fantasizing about meeting his brother's killer for years, he discovers that it was more complicated than a simple street mugging. Along with this, Jack is called to the scene of a murder in a Coney Island deli where a man has been bludgeoned to death by another customer using a can of beans.

The first storyline just fizzles out and goes nowhere. The second becomes a discourse on the harsh treatment of middle eastern men post 9/11.

Overall this book was a disappointment and it won't send me searching for more Gabriel Cohen books.

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