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Monday, May 10, 2010


by Allison and Stephanie Mitcham
Illustrated by Peter and Naomi Mitcham
Hardcover available from

I don't normally read or review children's books but I met Stephanie Mitcham, co-author of THINK LIKE A GOAT?, while playing Scrabble on my computer at Pogo Games. We started talking and one thing led to another; I sent her Monarch bookmarks and she sent me her family's wonderful book.

The Mitchams take us on a journey with an eight year old boy named Jason who is spending two weeks at his Aunt's farm. His Aunt raises goats and sheep and helps Jason to understand the animals in their daily lives, even when dealing with predators.

Jason thinks his Aunt is being silly when she tells him to try to think like a goat, but I was surprised how much I began to THINK LIKE A GOAT? by the time I finished reading this lovely educational book.

A family affair, THINK LIKE A GOAT? was written by Stephanie and her mother and beautifully illustrated by her father and sister. Recommended for children and adults of any age; this is one you'll enjoy reading to your children or grandchildren.

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