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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

STORM PREY - Lucas Davenport Series No. 20

by John Sandford - available in hardcover

Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension Investigator Lucas Davenport teams up with Virgil Flowers in this latest from John Sandford. Lucas' wife, Weather, is a physician and is working with a medical team to separate conjoined twin girls. Unfortunately for Weather, while arriving early to work she unknowingly becomes the only witness to have seen a van full of men who just robbed the hospital pharmacy.

While Lucas and Virgil, along with the Minneapolis police, are working around the clock to try to catch the robbers and protect Weather, she continues on with the medical drama of separating the twins. The investigators' work is made that much harder because there's an inside man at the hospital aligned with the thieves.

Once again, Sandford engages the reader in a good, solid mystery.

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