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Saturday, September 25, 2010


by Dennis Lehane - to be released in November 2010

Dennis Lehane revisits the kidnapping of Amanda McCready from his earlier book, GONE, BABY, GONE. He's brought back Patrick Kenzie and Angie Gennaro, Boston private investigators, now married with a child of their own. The economy has hit Patrick and Angie hard since she's returned to school and he has been doing contract investigations for a large firm in Boston. Hopeful that his latest job for the firm will land him permanent employment with benefits, Patrick is sidetracked when Amanda's Aunt beseeches him to find the sixteen year old honor student who's missing again.

While searching for the missing girl, Patrick is forced to once again face the moral issues of having returned Amanda to her mother twelve years earlier, a dilemma he struggles with throughout the novel. Assisted by Angie, his search takes him through the Russian underworld in Boston and a baby selling ring.  Along the way, Patrick begins to reassess his own life and future.

Not quite as good as Lehane's earlier books, MOONLIGHT MILE is still a terrific read.

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