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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

THE FIFTH WITNESS - A Lincoln Lawyer Novel

by Michael Connelly - available in harcover and eBook

Mickey Haller is using his car for an office, defending clients against foreclosure in this tough economy.  One of Haller's clients, Lisa Trammel, has been staging protests against the bank that's foreclosing on her home.  When the banker is found murdered, Lisa is the perfect suspect and Haller ratchets up his practice to deal with her defense.

Connelly still has Haller working with one of his ex-wives, who's seriously involved with his investigator.   He's added Jennifer Aronson to Haller's team, a bright-eyed, newbie lawyer who is the perfect foil for the cynical Haller. 

Lisa is a very difficult and unlikeable client who not only changes her story every time she speaks, but also creates even more difficulties for Haller when she hires a third-rate Hollywood agent.  Haller's life is complicated further by his relationship with his other ex-wife, Maggie, who's a prosecutor and friendly with the woman prosecuting this case.

Connelly deftly weaves the ongoing mortgage crisis into his new courtroom thriller.  I'm a fan of Connelly's, and I've read all of his books, but I have to admit that I'm more than a little tired of courtroom procedurals.  While THE FIFTH WITNESS is well written, the formula is old and worn. 

ISBN 978-0-316-06935-9
421 pages

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