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Friday, May 6, 2011


The ducks are now one month old.  We moved them to their outside pen where we'll keep them until they're mature enough to be released into the stream.  My husband is very clever and he converted our garden shed into a home for Huey, Dewey and friends. 

As you can see, there's an outdoor space for the ducks to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine and still be protected from predators.  At night they walk up the ramp to get inside by the glowing red heat lamp.  They seem to be enjoying their new home and some nights you can hear them partying until the wee hours.

I was in Connecticut this past week with my friend Sue Ostergaard.  My friend Candace Alderton, the ducks' godmother, was taking George to dinner on Wednesday when they called me to tell me that one of the white ducks was limping.  Our ducks have no political affiliation but Candace quickly called Daisy "the lame duck". 

George found a veterinarian in the next town with a fowl expert.  On Thursday he was able to take Daisy to their office.  After keeping her overnight, the vet discovered that Daisy has a sprained ankle (?!?) and needs to be isolated from the rest of the flock until she recovers which should take about ten days.  They provided a painkiller and anti-inflammatory that we have to administer with a syringe which Daisy isn't too happy about.  Hopefully, she'll make a full recovery and return to her friends. 


  1. Did they issued itty bitty crutches?... or perhaps they just splinted it with "duck" Tape.

  2. should be doing stand up routines lol!

  3. Maybe some "Duck" tape would help? Haha

  4. "Duck" tape would have been a lot cheaper than a trip to the vet and would have probably worked just as well. :-)