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Thursday, May 12, 2011


by Andrea Kane - to be released later this month in hardcover and eBook

Family court judge Hope Willis was just a small girl when her twin sister Felicity was kidnapped from their bedroom and never found. Now Hope's five year old daughter Krissy has been kidnapped and she's living the nightmare all over again.

Not satisified that the authorities can locate her daughter and against her husband's wishes, Hope contacts Casey Woods of Forensic Instincts to assist in the search. The police are also aided by psychic Claire Hedgleigh. While the police and Forensic Instincts are investigating, the family skeletons are practically jumping out of the closet.

Hope's father hasn't been seen in years but he shows up and admits he was involved in a mafia related money laundering scheme when Felicity disappeared. Hope's husband Edward has his own secrets and their nanny is hiding something as well; all of which send the investigation into different directions.

Despite the investigative twists and turns, THE GIRL WHO DISAPPEARED TWICE is a light mystery that's just too easy to figure out.

ISBN 978-0-7783-2984-8
400 pages

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