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Monday, April 4, 2011

FINAL EXIT A Suspenseful Tale of Passions Unleashed

by Joan Nelson - available in paperback or as an eBook

Take two self-centered and egotistical people; he’s married, she’s a new widow. He’s a successful surgeon, she’s a poetry babbling master of everything. Both are oversexed, selfish and narcissistic.  Add an overweight, whiny and possessive wife, a nefarious father-in-law, and two toxic grown children and I have just introduced you to the main characters in FINAL EXIT.

Like a Harlequin Romance on steroids, Bob and Jen very graphically hop in and out of bed like bunnies, all the while discussing art, flowers and beauty with such pithy post-coital comments as, “I like the Country French look.”

But FINAL EXIT would have no platform at all for the steamy sex if the wife of thirty years wasn’t a deranged stalker and if her father didn’t have dealings with criminals. When bad things start to happen, do our protagonists call the police like normal people? Of course not! They simply contact his good friend with the CIA who helps them change their identities and fake Bob’s death.

But wait! We’re not done yet. Bob’s CIA friend must really just work in the mail room because a PI is able to quickly locate them, bringing the reader to the kind of ending only found in a really bad “B” movie.

ISBN 978-160844-450-2
270 pages


  1. Right ON, Lynn. This book is total drek!

  2. its self published. don't even review this junk, there are so many better books out there

  3. I wouldn't normally have read this book, but the author emailed and asked if I would review it. I should have stopped after the first chapter, but felt I made a commitment to at least finish it. My mistake. There are too many great books, like the one I reviewed last Saturday, to spend time on ones that aren't good. Thanks for your comments.

  4. I tried hard to read this book, but got bogged down in the overwhelming number of adjectives - even the purr of her cat made her chest seem to throb and vibrate! Struggling past them brought me to a story of sex and adultery not even worthy of a cheap romance novel. For $14.00 save your money.