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Saturday, June 26, 2010


by Dana Haynes - available in hardcover

When I first started reviewing books and blogging back in February of this year, CRASHERS by Dana Haynes was one of the first reviews I wrote on the blog after reading an advance copy. I loved this book and when I saw the hardcover in my local bookstore this week I decided to re-run the original blog entry for anyone who missed it. Hope you enjoy the book!

This book was terrific and definitely lived up to the hype of the other mystery writers' reviews. Takes the reader to a totally different vantage point than other aircraft disaster novels. This doesn't deal with the victims or survivors but rather with the experts connected to NTSB who recreate the disaster to find the cause of the crash.

I read this book in one day because it's very well written, has good character development and is impossible to put down. Loved it, loved it and I'm looking forward to more books from Haynes.


  1. OK. Lynn. You're awesome! Thank you so freaking much! dana

  2. Dana, thank you! Hope you're selling millions and millions of copies! Can't wait for the next one.