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Friday, June 18, 2010


by Lisa Scottoline - available in hardcover

I don't know what's happening to some of my favorite mystery writers, but I've been really disappointed lately (see previous review for THE RULE OF NINE). I've read every one of Lisa Scottoline's books, but THINK TWICE may just be my last.

The author writes in her acknowledgements that this book is a story about a mother's love. It's actually a very wacky story about identity theft and good versus evil with the most absurd scenarios I've ever read.

Bennie Rosato's twin sister, Alice, has drugged her, buried her alive in the middle of nowhere and taken over her identity!?! While the premise is slightly plausible, the high jinx that Ms. Scottoline takes us through are ridiculous and totally unbelievable.

Entertaining but silly, you should skip this one.

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