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Friday, June 11, 2010


By Tracy McMillan - just released

Television writer Tracy McMillan's life story is amazing and enthralling. The daughter of a pimp and one of his prostitutes, Ms. McMillan invites us along on her journey to find herself; through foster care, prison visits, multiple marriages and into adulthood. Despite her horrific childhood, her humor makes it possible for us to read her story without having our hearts broken, although I must admit she brought me to tears more than once.

Despite her many difficulties, Ms. McMillan meets wonderful people along the way who love her. But it's the things she learns about herself that are the most insightful. Anyone reading this book will find something that touches their heart, no matter how good or bad their own childhood was.

This book was truly awesome; bravo to Ms. McMillan for overcoming so much and creating a happy, stable life for herself and her son.

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