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Saturday, October 2, 2010

BAD BLOOD - Virgil Flowers Series No. 4

by John Sandford - available in bookstores now

Who doesn't like "that effing Flowers?" John Sandford brings Virgil back in the fourth of the Virgil Flowers series. Smooth writing and good characters are what usually make Sandford's books so satisfying.

I've read and enjoyed all of John Sandford's books. Sandford has continued the smooth writing, but my problem with BAD BLOOD is the subject matter -- sexual abuse of children. We all know it happens but I have to admit that I hate it and I hate reading about it, especially in fiction.

If you're reading Sandford for the first time, definitely skip this one. This book was horrible and a total turnoff for me.

1 comment:

  1. agree with lynn completely. John Sandford is always recommended by folks to me who think since I like mysteries, I'll like him. The prey series with Lucas Davenport are full of sick, twisted crimes, and makes me think sandford is one warped human.I tried three different ones just hoping maybe it was a one or two off, but no, they are all horrific. the virgil flowers series started off gentler and with some humor, but now sandford seems to feel compelled to go to the same awful place. too bad, because he may be a good writer,but the crimes don't always have to be sick,they could be just crimes with smarter thought behind them from the writer. so kudos to lynn for saying this about a "popular" (although that's troubling that people like this guy) author.

    paul n.