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Monday, October 25, 2010


by Janelle Brown - available in hardcover

THIS IS WHERE WE LIVE is the story of a young artistic couple, Claudia and Jeremy.  Claudia is an aspiring filmmaker and Jeremy is a musician; both are on the verge of really making it.  Saddled with a mortgage on a house that Jeremy never wanted in major need of repairs, they're awaiting Claudia's first film to be released so they can enjoy the big payday. 

Of course, her film doesn't do what they hoped and their downward financial spiral forces them to reevaluate just what they want out of life for themselves and together.  To complicate matters, Jeremy's old and very successful artist girlfriend arrives and causes even more stress on their marriage. 

Janelle Brown has introduced us to self-centered characters who are married but don't really connect or communicate.  While Claudia does everything possible to save her home, Jeremy embarks on what he hopes is the life he wants; both not realizing what's really important until it's almost too late.

Trite, light, chick lit.

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