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Thursday, October 14, 2010

DEAD LIKE YOU - Det. Roy Grace Series No. 6

by Peter James - to be released December 2010

Following the brutal rape of a woman on New Year's Eve in Brighton, England, Detective Superintendent Roy Grace is caught up in the investigation.  Everything about the crime is similar to unsolved crimes committed in the '90s by someone the police dubbed "The Shoe Man" because in each crime the victim's high-heeled shoes were taken.

Grace is happily involved in a new relationship and expecting a child with his girlfriend, Cleo.  As the investigation continues and there are more brutal rapes, Grace is convinced that the perpetrator is the same man.  Reopening the cold case file from the past forces Grace to confront a terrible time in his own past; his wife, Sandy, disappeared ten years ago and has never been found.

The most frightening aspect of the book is how easy it was for the rapist to learn the most intimate details about his victims by accessing their online accounts.  In this age of Facebook and Twitter, James points out how much of our lives are on the internet and available to almost anyone. 

DEAD LIKE YOU is a good, intricate mystery and I'll definitely be reading others of this series written by Peter James.

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