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Friday, October 8, 2010


by Carol Cassella - available in bookstores now

Claire and Addison Boehning meet and marry just as their careers are beginning. Claire is quickly sidelined by a complicated pregnancy before she can complete her medical residency, but Addison's star is rapidly rising with his invention of a test for ovarian cancer. Soon wealthy beyond their wildest dreams, it seems that life is perfect for the Boehnings and Claire adjusts to being a stay-at-home Mom.

When Addison risks everything trying to produce a cancer drug that is terribly flawed with dubious test results, their lives and fortunes very quickly change. Claire moves with their fourteen year old daughter to the run-down summer home they intended to fix up and with her limited certification, begins work at a nonprofit clinic dealing with indigent and immigrant farm workers. She soon makes a terrible discovery that threatens the livelihood of the clinic as well as her family's future.

While this book is pleasant enough to read, Ms. Cassella's portrayal of Addision as a self-deluded dreamer and Claire as the hard working and diligent cornerstone of her family, makes HEALER not only formulaic but also predictable.

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