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Monday, October 25, 2010

THE REVERSAL - Harry Bosch Series No. 16 and Mickey Haller Series No. 3

by Michael Connelly - available in hardcover

Defense attorney Mickey Haller changes hats to try a case for the prosecution.  Convicted child killer Jason Jessup has just been granted a new trial based on DNA evidence after serving twenty-four years in prison.  Haller is working as an independent prosecutor and forms his own team with one of his ex-wives, Deputy PA Maggie McPherson, and LAPD Detective Harry Bosch, Haller's half-brother.  They're facing a celebrity defense attorney who is representing Jessup pro-bono.

While the defense is playing to the press, Bosch is convinced that Jessup is going to kill again.  He's working double-time to find the witnesses the prosecution needs for the upcoming trial and to uncover just what Jessup is up to now that he's out on bail.  Tension arises when it appears that Jessup might be targeting Bosch's young daughter. 

Connelly writes tight thrillers that have great characters and pacing.  Bosch is a favorite of mine and Haller is growing on me; putting them together was inevitable.  I've read all of Michael Connelly's books and they just get better!   Read THE REVERSAL and see for yourself.

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