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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


by Daniel Palmer - available in bookstores and eBook

Charlie Giles and his partner created software for an automobile entertainment system.  Following his partner's suicide, Charlie's company was purchased by SoluCent and he continues to work on his software in his new capacity with them.  SoluCent is on the cusp of selling InVision to GM which will make Charlie wealthy beyond his dreams.

Approached by Anne Pedersen, a SoluCent employee, he learns that his boss is going to veto the GM sale.  When he confronts Jerry Schmidt in a high level meeting, everything begins to go awry.  He's suddenly out of a job, his mother has suffered a stroke and he's forced to move in with his schizophrenic brother.  When  Charlie begins to evidence symptoms of the same disease, is he just paranoid or is someone really out to get him?

DELIRIOUS is muddled, drawn out and has a seriously disappointing ending despite Mr. Palmer's intriguing storyline in this debut novel.

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