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Saturday, January 8, 2011


by Lucy Kellaway - to be released in February 2011

IN OFFICE HOURS is the story of two women who work in the largest oil company in England.  Stella is senior management and Bella is a personal assistant and both are engaged in affairs with co-workers.

Married Stella begins an affair with Rhys, a management trainee seventeen years her junior, while Bella's affair is with her much older married boss, James, a top executive.  The fallout for each of the women is vastly different because of their career standing, as well as the older woman versus the older man scenario in each of the affairs.  The author infuses social commentary in the corporate treatment of the female executive and the male executive in this narrative giving IN OFFICE HOURS a little more substance than the usual chick lit.

British authors have us beat hands down in the chick lit genre and IN OFFICE HOURS is the perfect example.  Its funny, sad, upbeat and quirky while taking a look at the larger issue of human behavior in the corporate setting. 

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