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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


by Lisa Genova - available in bookstores and eBook

LEFT NEGLECTED, Ms. Genova's new novel, had such an impact on me that I went back to read STILL ALICE, her first novel.

Alice Howland is a professor at Harvard with a hectic, vibrant life when she begins to experience memory problems.  When she becomes disoriented in her own town, she consults her doctor, fearing a brain tumor.  To her shock, she is diagnosed with early Alzheimer's. 

Written from the patient's point of view, STILL ALICE is a look into the frightening changes Alice experiences and how the disease begins to define her life as well as the lives of her husband and children.  It's a strong reminder that beneath the increasing memory loss episodes, she is still Alice, a wife, a mother and a warm, intelligent woman.

If you're looking for something to read that's outside of your usual comfort zone, I highly recommend Ms. Genova's books.  While Ms. Genova's writing is not as finely tuned in this, her first novel, like LEFT NEGLECTED, it is an amazing story.

NOTE:  Visit my December 5, 2010 blog entry to see my review of LEFT NEGLECTED.

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