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Sunday, January 16, 2011


by Dean Koontz - available in bookstores and eBook

WHAT THE NIGHT KNOWS is the second book I read on my new ereader.  As I mentioned on January 2nd, Koontz always inserts words I've never seen before and this was no exception.  My ereader made it easy to just click on the word and get the definition.

Detective John Calvino is convinced the ghost of serial killer Alton Turner Blackwood has returned and is recreating his previous horrendous murder spree.  Calvino's especially worried because he was the sole survivor when his family died by Blackwood's hand  when he was a young boy.  Because of his personal connection to Blackwood, he's certain that his wife and children are being targeted. 

This latest from Koontz is a good police procedural/ghost story, but as usual, he inserted the ever faithful golden retriever, but this time in spirit form.

WHAT THE NIGHT KNOWS was fun to read, but definitely not Koontz's best.

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