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Friday, February 11, 2011


by Stephen King - available in bookstores and eBook

I've been a Stephen King fan since he wrote his first book many, many years ago.  He lost me for a while when he wrote THE DARK TOWER series, but I couldn't leave him for long and returned when that series was over. 

FULL DARK, NO STARS is a wonderful quartet of stories with just a tiny touch of the supernatural as only King can do.

First up is 1922, the story of a farmer who enlists his son's help to murder his wife to keep her land.  This was my least favorite of the four stories, but was still excellent.

My favorite, BIG DRIVER is the story of Tess, a middle aged novelist, who is raped and left for dead on her way home from a book signing.  Her quest for revenge is pure Stephen King!

In A GOOD MARRIAGE, King explores the reactions of an ordinary woman who discovers that her husband of many years is a monster who has committed unspeakable crimes. What should she do, and while reading this chilling story, the better question is, what would you do if you made this discovery?

FAIR EXTENSION is a frightening tale of a desperately ill and unhappy man who makes a deal with the devil to have the life and success he wants, but only if he is willing to inflict pain and suffering on someone he hates.

King finds the darkest place in all of us and magnifies our worst fantasies; spinning them into chilling and unforgettable tales.

FULL DARK, NO STARS is Stephen King at his absolute best!

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