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Friday, February 18, 2011


I was stuck on hold on the phone yesterday and decided to waste time Googling my name. Wow, what an eye opener! You should try it!

Along with all of the references to book reviews and the Black House, I found that my butterfly photo really gets around!  As well as being referenced on numerous blogs, someone is using my butterfly photo for an eBay auction to sell buddleia seeds.  All gave me credit for use of the photo which is obviously why they showed up in my search.

Becoming more intrigued, I kept searching and even when you think you've passed all of the references to yourself, more links pop up in later pages. After Googling my name I found one on the 14th Google page.  The Phuket Gazette (pronounced fouquet like bouquet) for March 27-April 2, 2010 featured a large copy of my Monarch butterfly photo on page 24 in an article about attracting butterflies to your garden.  I had heard of Phuket, which is in Thailand, just last week when my friend Sue was looking at something on eBay and wasn't sure she wanted to bid since the seller was located in Phuket.  By the way, my thanks to the Gazette for giving me credit for the photo.

So next time you find yourself on indefinite hold with your utility company, cable company or phone company, instead of becoming frustrated and impatient, use the time to Google yourself.  Hopefully you'll be pleasantly surprised!

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  1. Funny because I searched for lynn kimmerle and I ended up at Larry L. Kimmerle Florida Sex Offender!

    And with that picture, sounds like time to start cashing in on royalties!