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Thursday, February 17, 2011

MURDER IN THE MARAIS - Aimee Leduc Series No. 1

by Cara Black - available in bookstores and on eBook

Aimee Leduc is a private detective in Paris known for her computer investigations. 

She is approached by Soli Hecht to decipher a fifty year old encrypted photograph and Leduc is quickly immersed in a seach for the killer of older Jewish people in The Marais. The Marais translates to "the swamp", a section of Paris mainly inhabited by Jews during the Nazi occupation.

Her search for the killer takes place on the eve not only of the signing of a European trade agreement that will also make sweeping changes regarding immigration reminiscent of the Nazi regime, but also the election of a new French prime minister.  Aided by her partner Rene, a dwarf, Leduc uncovers a twisting tale of treachery and murder spanning the last 50 years and leading up to the highest levels of government.  Unable to trust the police, they must find the evidence they need to expose the killer before the election and before anyone else is killed. 

Ms. Black has created a lively duo in this, her debut novel first published in 2003.  Highlighting the relationship between the Germans and French and the treatment of French Jews during that era are vivid and difficult reminders of the horrors of the Occupation as well as the war. 
Although late in discovering Cara Black's novel (thank you Stacey and Robert for the Valentine's Day gift), I look forward to reading others written by this author.

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