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Sunday, February 20, 2011

HOUSE DIVIDED, A Joe DeMarco Thriller

by Mike Lawson - to be released July 2011

Although the National Security Agency was caught wiretapping U.S. citizens without warrants and the government called a halt to this practice, it doesn't mean it's not still happening.  If anything, it's now handled more clandestinely.

NSA, still operating illegally, records what seems to be a rogue military group murdering two Americans.  Since they're not supposed to be working without warrants, they can't do anything with the information they've uncovered without  finding another way to disclose what happened. 

Enter Joe DiMarco, a fixer for the Speaker of the House of Representatives.  When Paul Russo is the victim of what appears to be a random murder, the FBI quickly takes the case away from the police.  Joe DiMarco is pulled into Russo's murder because he's a distant cousin. 

The more DiMarco delves into Russo's life and tries to settle Russo's affairs, the more convinced he is that everything is wrong with the picture the FBI is painting of Russo.  When he learns that Russo stumbled upon some very damaging information about high level military personnel and with the Speaker out of commission, DiMarco follows the trail all the way to the top as the bodies pile up.  As DiMarco tracks the people involved, members of the NSA are tracking him, leading to an explosive ending.

HOUSE DIVIDED is a good political thriller.

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