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Friday, February 18, 2011


by Kaira Rouda - to be released in May 2011

Thirty-nine year old Kelly Mills Johnson is restless and bored with her wealthy suburban existence.  With her sons away at summer camp and her husband busy with his career, stay-at-home mom Kelly is experiencing a mid-life crisis.  The stability of the lives of her friends and neighbors has begun to falter and Kelly finds herself in the middle of everyone's angst as their marriages and finances crumble. 

Amidst all of this, Kelly decides she needs goals in her own life to find just what will make her happy.  Suddenly, numbered post-it notes pop up on every surface of her home recording T2C (things to change).  On the path to changing herself, Kelly is able to help the anorexic teenage daughter of her close friend.

While it was refreshing to read a woman's novel whose main protagonist didn't need to dump the hubby in order to blossom, the designer duds, upscale spas, expensive shopping trips and characters that just grazed the surface kept HERE, HOME, HOPE firmly in my chick-lit category instead of the more elevated women's fiction.  A fun read that's quickly forgotten.


  1. Hi Lynn!

    Thank you for reviewing my book! As a debut author, I can tell you it's scary to read a review and yours is one of my first!

    I'm glad you had fun reading HERE, HOME, HOPE. It is meant as a summer read, which hopefully inspires, too. I'll work on getting into your elevated category of women's fiction next time around. Promise.

    Thank you again!

    Very truly,

  2. Kaira, sorry I didn't see your comment until today. I enjoyed your book and hope you do well next month with sales. Lynn