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Saturday, March 5, 2011


Spring is almost here and I know this because my husband ordered two dozen new baby ducks today. They should be arriving by April 1st. When they arrive at the post office, they're only one day old, so they require lots of water, food and warmth. After they reach duck puberty, they'll enjoy swimming in the stream in our yard and tromping through the flowers.

Only two of the original ducks from four years ago (pictured above) have survived predators, although a few decamped for a neighbor's house further downstream and we haven't been able to entice them home despite herculean efforts by George, Bill, Robert and Stacey.

I've been surprised and amazed at what terrific pets ducks are and how much fun it has been to watch their exploits. As soon as they hear the backdoor open, their song of "quack, quack, quack" begins. If they're not nearby, they quickly learned to respond to my calling out, "Hey, guys, c'mon, hurry up!" Along with nutritious regulation duck feed, they've enjoyed Mexican feasts (stale Tostito chips), Italian night (leftover Italian bread), movie night (popcorn), not to mention stale breakfast cereal and breads and crackers of every flavor. Much like me, they're not too crazy about pretzels and entire bagels just mystify them as they watch them bob up and down in the stream like little life preservers. Untoasted English muffins and leftover rice cakes seem to be their culinary preference, but don't try to open the backdoor empty handed!

Our original ducks were guests of honor at Robert and Stacey's wedding in November of 2008.  They swam in circles just below the bridge and started quacking loudly as the vows were being exchanged, not to mention enthusiastically diving for the Oyster Crackers everyone threw instead of rice.

I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of our new flock and looking forward to watching their antics!  Thank you, George and happy spring everyone!

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  1. So glad that the duckies are back. They are in for a wonderful life. Everyone all up and down the stream will be welcomimg them and doting upon them.

    The one thing you didn't mentiom in your blog was their remarkable burgler alarm qualities. I'll never forget staying at your house. I woke up very early in the morning and thought that I would just nip outside for a quick cigarette. I no sooner stepped out the door and lit up then this booming cacaphony of quaking started. It was so loud that I felt all Mendham would hear it. I quickly doused the cigarette and poppoed back inside. As soon as I did they stopped. So muching for sneaking a quick cigarette.