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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

WHEN THE THRILL IS GONE - Leonid McGill Series No. 3

by Walter Mosley - just released in hardcover and as an eBook

Leonid McGill is a NYC private investigator.  He's just been hired by Chrystal Tyler, a woman who claims to fear for her life.  Her husband's first two wives met unusual deaths and she's afraid she's going to be next.  Her story about being married to a wealthy patron of her art doesn't jibe with her clothing or demeanor but he really needs the large amount of cash she's offering as a retainer.  But very quickly, Leonid discovers that many of the people in this case are not who they're pretending to be, including the woman who hired him. 

At the same time, McGill is searching for William Williams at the request of a local crime boss.  No one has seen Williams in decades and his real identity is a shock. 

Quieter and gentler than Mosley's street-smart Easy Rawlins character, Mosley has infused McGill with an "uptown" style.  As well as pursuing Tyler's case, he's dealing with a cheating wife, his good friend Gordo is dying of cancer and is staying at the McGill home, and one of McGill's sons is up to something illegal.  He's also longing to rekindle his relationship with his lover, Aura, and assisting random people he meets along the way.

I first discovered Mosley's books almost twenty years ago when then presidential candidate Bill Clinton, who is a fan of mysteries, said that Walter Mosley was one of his favorite authors during an interview.  It was 1992 and I started with Mosley's DEVIL IN A BLUE DRESS.  I've been a devoted fan ever since and WHEN THE THRILL IS GONE did not disappoint.   I hope to be happily entertained by Mr. Mosley for the next twenty years.

ISBN 978-1-59448-781-1
358 pages

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