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Friday, March 4, 2011


by Kristin Hannah - to be released March 22, 2011 in hardcover and as an eBook

Fourteen year old Lexi Baill has bounced between her drug addicted mother and foster care for years.  Following her mother's death, a relative is finally located in Washington State.  Her elderly Aunt Eva brings her home and provides a stable and loving home for her on the poorer side of this wealthy community.

On her first day of school Lexi meets Mia Faraday, a vulnerable and insecure girl, and the two quickly become friends.  Lexi is soon a part of the Faraday family, welcomed by Mia's parents, Jude and Miles, as well as Mia's twin brother, Zach.  Jude had her own difficult childhood growing up and she is determined to be the perfect mother, totally micromanaging her children's lives and guarding them closely. 

NIGHT ROAD follows the high school years of the Faradays and Lexi and the burgeoning love between Lexi and Zach until a bad decision and ensuing tragedy shatters all of their lives, severing the bonds of family and friendship.  Emotionally complex, this powerful novel deals with the intricacies of family life, parenting, despair, hope and the search for forgiveness with heartbreaking realism.

I loved this book, but I strongly recommend that you keep the Kleenex handy!

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