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Monday, March 14, 2011


Saloma Furlong's discussion and book signing at Mendham Books yesterday was standing room only! 

A crowd of over thirty people showed up to hear Ms. Furlong talk about her book, WHY I LEFT THE AMISH.  The audience was varied and included Episcopalian nuns as well as local librarians.  A lengthy question and answer period followed and everyone was enthralled with Ms. Furlong's story. 

It was interesting to me to hear the topics covered in the Q&A.  When I reviewed Saloma's book way back in October, 2010, I focused on the human story depicted in her book.  Many of the people attending yesterday's event asked questions that dealt more with the religious customs and practices of the Amish. 

Saloma is a talented and engaging speaker and it was a delight to have her and her husband David stay at our home for this event.  Our chitchat ranged from talking about our families to discussing some of our favorite movies.  Saloma and I agreed that we don't like "THE BIG LEBOWSKI", while our husbands's are big fans of that movie.  Rarely do you meet someone for the first time and discover the kind of kinship I experienced with Saloma which made this past weekend so enjoyable!

Before beginning her discussion, Saloma selected the name of the lucky winner of her just published book.  Congratulations to SUE PISCITELLO!  I'll be emailing you to arrange to get your inscribed copy of WHY I LEFT THE AMISH to you.

The Furlongs are continuing on their way to another event in Virginia this week.

It was nice to finally meet Pat Anderson who attended with her huband, John.  Pat manages the blogs for the Recorder Newspapers' website and as most of you know, Monarch Book Reviews is linked to the websites of their fifteen newspapers. 

A big thank you to Saloma and David Furlong for making the trip to New Jersey.  Thanks to Mendham Books for hosting Saloma's discussion and book signing.  Thanks to everyone who attended for making this event an incredible success!  And a special thanks to my friends, Candace, LouAnn, Irene and Noreen for their support.

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