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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


by David Rosenfelt - Just released in hardcover and as an eBook

Richard Kilmer meets and falls in love with Jennifer Ryan, the girl of his dreams.  On a visit to her mother and father they find themselves in a terrible dark windstorm and Richard loses control of his car.  When the dust settles, Jennifer is nowhere to be found but that's not the worst of it.

Returning home to Manhattan, none of Richard's friends know who Jennifer is, even though they've met her before.  There's also no sign of her in their apartment; it's as if she's vanished into thin air.  Returning to Kendrick Falls where Jennifer's parents live is even worse.  No one knows anyone named Jennifer Ryan and nothing is the same; not the house that was supposed to be Jennifer's childhood home, nor her family. 

A writer, Richard writes his story for Manhattan Magazine.  Because of the article, he's contacted by Allison Tynes, a woman who could be Jennifer's twin, whose own sister Julie is missing.  Soon more strange things begin to occur and Richard isn't sure if Jennifer actually existed or is a figment of his imagination. 

The PI who has done research for Richard's stories in the past intimates that Richard was working on a major story that he felt was Pulitzer worthy, but which Richard has no memory of.   He visits Dr. Garber, a psychiatrist who insists that Richard has been there before.  While Richard and Allison continue to search for Jennifer/Julie, the story soon degenerates into a bizarre and absurd mind control plot.

Is it just me or was this the strangest book Rosenfelt has ever written?  Although I've long been a fan of David Rosenfelt's books, ON BORROWED TIME while entertaining, stretched the credibility factor to the realm of ridiculous. 

ISBN 978-0-312-59836-5
291 pages

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