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Friday, March 11, 2011

THE COMPANY WE KEEP: A Husband-and-Wife True-Life Spy Story

by Robert Baer and Dayna Baer - just released in hardcover and as an eBook

For decades, Robert Baer was a top CIA operative in the Middle East.  Dayna Williamson worked her way up through the ranks in the CIA, serving in strife torn sections of the world.  Both were married when their paths crossed in Sarajevo, but their covert lifestyles and long absences from home had destroyed their marriages as well as strained Dayna's relationship with her elderly parents. 

Robert and Dayna tag-teamed the chapters in THE COMPANY WE KEEP as we follow them on their real-life missions in very dangerous locales.  After resigning from the CIA, they decided to live in Beirut, but their background and training makes regular civilian life nearly impossible and they eventually settled in California.

The Baers have provided us with very in-depth insight into their work for the CIA, including naming names of world leaders you'll recognize.  However, the reader learns very little about their growing personal relationship, cloaked as it is in their adventures.  As their lives continue after resigning from the CIA, the book seems to flounder.

Blogger's note:  I had some trepidation when writing this review because I've never reviewed a book before whose authors were trained in weapons and explosives.

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  1. Don't waste your time on this book. Very disappointing, more of their everyday life instead of mystery and intrigue. I could have used less of "I went to the bathroom to wash my hands, the soap slipped out of my hands Damn, oh well another day goes by"!