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Friday, March 18, 2011


by Brad Thor - available in hardcover and as an eBook

Delta Force created THE ATHENA PROJECT, the code name for their all female, top-secret operatives.  Selected for their intelligence and athletic abilities, not to mention their incredible beauty and impressive measurements, these four women can apparently overpower even the most trained terrorists while wearing evening gowns. 

Following a deadly terrorist attack in Rome, the four are dispatched to find and capture the arms dealer who supplied the weapons.  They eventually follow the trail of a transporter device invented by the Nazis that can supposedly transport bombs through a portal (think time travel).  Unknown to the Delta quartet, the US government wants to install this transporter in the secret underground facility they've built below the Denver Airport.  Along the way, the gals are able to covertly enter any country they choose, chasing after and annihilating international bad guys without so much as chipping their nail polish. 

It was surprising that one of the fabulous four had the same name and nickname as the main character from another well known mystery writer's books.

Friends have told me for quite a while that I should try one of Thor's books, but I guess I picked the wrong one to start with.  Reminiscent of CHARLIE'S ANGELS, this is a silly, silly book with a terrible plot.

ISBN 978-1-4391-9295-5
322 pages - Published November 2010

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