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Saturday, April 30, 2011


by Rebecca Frayn - May 3, 2011 release date

Julian has moved in with single mother Annie and her two children, Dan and Rachel.  Used to living on his own, Julian is trying to blend into the chaos of Annie's world as well as win over twelve year old Dan.  Before their bonding can even begin, Dan fails to return home from school one day and no one knows where he is.

DECEPTIONS deals with the terrible struggle of a mother trying to cope with the loss of a child and her desperate hope that he will be found.  As Julian tries to help Annie accept Dan's disappearance, she sinks deeper into herself, creating cracks in an already fragile relationship.

When Annie receives a call three years later that her son has been found, she finally begins to put her life back together.  Julian is less sure that the young man is really Dan and he walks a fine line trying to find out the truth and not lose Annie in the process. 

Based on a true story, DECEPTIONS is a glimpse at the horror of having a child go missing.   Unfortunately for the reader, Frayn's writing and characters are not strong enough to carry this very serious subject. 

ISBN 978-1-4391-9369-7
288 pages

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