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Sunday, April 3, 2011


Now that my blog is just over a year old, and I've received over 7,000 hits, I thought you might like to know a little more about my blog and where I work. 

At any one time I have over 150 books waiting to be read and reviewed.  Like most of you, my dedication wanes when I spend too much time staring out the window, or on the internet playing canasta on Pogo, but most of the time I stay on track and try to do at least ten reviews each month. 

My husband George helped me assemble the right pieces to make everything handy in my office so that I can spend more time reading and reviewing.  I have to admit, it's my favorite room in our house!

I don't keep many books after I've read them, just some of my favorites or books signed by authors whose books I've reviewed on my blog.   

My blog features reviews of books that I've actually read.  Since I'm a one (wo)man band, I can't really read every book on the market so I try to pick and choose carefully, my favorites being mysteries, memoirs and women's fiction.

Although I'm linked to the websites of all fifteen Recorder Newspapers, and some of you have seen my recent review in their print papers, I am totally independent.  I don't receive any payments of any kind for my reviews. If you notice, I also don't currently have ads on my blog. 

My reviews simply reflect my own opinions and I try to be fair and honest when writing a review.  Not everyone will agree with all of my opinions but I try to write my reviews as if I were describing a book to a good friend and whether or not I think he or she would enjoy it.  

All of this is leading up to another point.  Recently I have been contacted directly by some authors or by friends of authors to review their books.  While I am happy to receive their books, I value my independence and integrity when reviewing ANY book.  I can't promise that my review will produce the result they're hoping for. 

This was the case with my recent involvement with Saloma Furlong, the author of WHY I LEFT THE AMISH.  She was referred to me by the woman who manages the blogs for the Recorder Newspaper group.  It was a pleasure and a delight to read and review Saloma's memoir, but the same is not always going to be true of every book I'm solicited to read. 

With that said, I hope you enjoy the "tour" of my office and have a better understanding of the purpose of my blog.  Feel free to email any comments to me at

Thanks for stopping by!

Note:  If you double click on any of the photos I've posted, you can see the titles of some of the books in my "to read" queue. 


  1. Lynn, I LOVE your office! I don't blame you for having this be your favorite room in the house! You and George have great taste!

    Thanks for this insight into what you are all about.


  2. Saloma, thank you. Hope everything is going well with your book tour.

    Warm regards, Lynn

  3. Is it strange for me to say that your office looks really nice? I'm not surprised that you like this room very much because it really feels relaxing every time I look at it. Reading a book on a relaxing day with an office like this is a good idea. I was running out of ideas on what kind of office I should have. But thanks for sharing this, now I have a reference for my new office.

  4. Blake, thanks for your comments. You'll have to email photos of your office when you set it up the way you want. It's so nice to have a great space to work.