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Friday, April 15, 2011

RIZZO'S FIRE - Joe Rizzo Series No. 2

by Lou Manfredo - available in hardcover and eBook

Det. Sargent Joe Rizzo is at the end of his career with the Brooklyn Police Department.  Rizzo and his partner, Det. Priscilla Jackson, arrive at the apartment of Robert Lauria who was murdered days earlier. 

Lauria was living like a hermit with no close friends or relatives, and Rizzo and Jackson believe his death is tied to the murder of a famous playwright in Manhattan.  Trying to stay under the radar to prove the connection without giving away their information to Manhattan is a difficult task, but Rizzo is convinced this is the case that will end his long police career on a high note. 

Meanwhile, Rizzo is facing a real problem at home; his youngest daughter wants to attend the police academy.  Rizzo is dead set against her career choice because of his knowledge of how frustrating police work can be. 

If Joe's retirement is truly just a year away, this series is going to be short lived which would be a shame.  The banter between old world Italian Rizzo and Priscilla, an African American lesbian, livens up Manfredo's latest.  RIZZO'S FIRE is a good, solid mystery, but the references to damaging information that Joe and his previous partner have on a local politico compel me to suggest that you read RIZZO'S WAR first.

ISBN 978-0-312-53806-4
292 pages

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