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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


How quickly they grow! As you can see from the photograph, the ducks are a lot taller. Last Wednesday's photo showed their height at about half the height of a can of Pepsi. Just one week later, they're all as tall as the can!

Sadly, we lost the four smallest ducks this week.  Not as robust as the others, my husband tried valiantly to save them but they never really recovered from their trip to New Jersey.  The remaining 17 are thriving. 

We had a calendar mishap this past week and even though the ducks had just arrived, we had reservations out of state for the weekend.  Many thanks to ducky godmother, Candace Alderton, who hosted the entire flock at her home for two nights.  This was not an easy endeavor with three cats in residence, but all went well and the ducks will fondly remember their weekend sojourn with Candace. 

Since the flock is just beginning to outgrow their storage bin, we plan to move them to larger quarters this coming weekend.  Be sure to visit my blog next Wednesday for a new update.


  1. i love those ducks. i would sleep in the garage with them.

  2. Nice idea but you wouldn't last too long. The ducks aren't too worried about personal hygiene and tend to get a bit odorific. :-)

  3. It was fun having the ducks for a weekend visit. Rather like babysitting for fuzzy infants! At this stage in my life, it was wonderful to have them visit, but just as nice to have them go back to Mom & Dad!

  4. Cald56, thank you for ducksitting! They're growing so fast, I think they've doubled in size since last week. Hope to post more photos tonight.